How is AI reshaping the jobs within the banking industry? 

AI is dramatically changing the banking industry. What is actually changing and how do these changes affect the jobs of financial professionals?  

This webinar focuses on the effects AI has on the workers in finance industry. AI gurus from the finance and recruitment industries go through the effects from the perspective of financial professionals and CFOs.

The length of the recording: 35 min

In the recording you hear for example:

  • What are the main opportunities of AI in banking industry?
  • The main impacts of AI on financial professionals? 


Mattias Fras, Head of AI Strategy & Acceleration, Nordea 

Mattias is an ex-management consultant and ex-CFO who spent the last 5 years driving change leveraging new technologies such as software automation, virtual agents and machine learning. In his current role he is responsible for driving strategy around AI related technologies as well as implementing AI use cases across Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordics. He is passionate about AI in terms of the problems it will solve and what it might lead to. Both for the financial sector and in general.

Kirsi Louhelainen, CTO & AI, Barona Technologies

Kirsi is driving AI development at Bravedo and currently spends a majority of her time coaching our most promising AI startup, Snowfox. Her passion is to improve the world through technology. She has extensive experience of designing and developing complex software in various environments ranging from startups to insurance companies and mobile operators. She has worked as a software developer, architect and in various lead positions. She will give an AI expert view to the future of work in the financial sector.


Johan Thorngren, Sales Manager, Barona 

Johan works as Sales Manager at Barona HR & Finance and has a long experience from sales and senior management positions in fast growing companies, mainly within the consumer goods segment. He has operational experience of working with technology as part of the customer experience in the retail industry and is focused on the benefits that AI will provide in the years to come.

Barona is one of the leading recruitment and staffing companies in the Nordics with a strong focus on utilizing technology as a part of the recruitment model.

Nordea is the largest bank in the Nordics and one of the largest in Europe.